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The First Research

Robot Platforms
  • JEROS: Jellyfish Elimination RObotic Swarm
  • CAROS: Climbing Aerial RObot System
  • FAROS: Fire-proof Aerial RObot System 
  • ARROS: Algal-bloom Removing RObot System 
  • Mole-bot: Mole-like digging Robot
  • ViSP: Visually Servoed Paired Structured Light System
  • Hybrid RSS: Hybrid-type Rotary Steerable System

SLAM / Localization / Navigation Algorithms
  • HG-SLAM: Hierarchical Graph-based SLAM
  • GP-SLAM: Grouping Nodes and Puning Constraints SLAM
  • DV-SLAM: Dual-sensor-based Vector-field SLAM
  • MU-SLAM: Magnetic-field-based Underground SLAM
  • ALVIO: Adaptive Line Visual Inertial Odometry
  • BRMLocalization: Building Ratio Map Localization for UAVs
  • MLCPP: Multi-Layer Coverage Path Planner
  • eARC-Theta*extended Angular-Rate-Constrained Theta*

AI / ML Algorithms

  • RONet: Range-Only Network
  • MSDPNMulti-Stage Depth Prediction Neural Network