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3D SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)
  • Basic Concept 
    • Donghwa Lee, Hyun Myung, "Solution to the SLAM Problem in Low Dynamic Environments Using a Pose Graph and an RGB-D Sensor," Sensors, vol.14, no.7, pp.12467-12496, [Link], July 2014.

  • Pose Graph-Based RGB-D SLAM in Low Dynamic Environments (Experiment #1)

  • Pose Graph-Based RGB-D SLAM in Low Dynamic Environments (Experiment #2)

  • Related researches to Kinect Navigation Contest (IROS 2014)
    • 3D SLAM for low dynamic environment
    • Object recognition
    • Optimal path planning and replanning
    • Dynamic obstacle avoidance

Magnetic field-based SLAM
  • DV-SLAM (Dual sensor-based Vector-field SLAM)
    • Seung-Mok Lee, Jongdae Jung, Shin Kim, In-Joo Kim, and Hyun Myung, "DV-SLAM (Dual-sensor-based Vector-field SLAM) and Observability Analysis," IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, vol.62, no.2, pp.1101-1112, [DOI], Feb. 2015.
  • Underground localization
    • Byeolteo Park and Hyun Myung, "Underground localization using dual magnetic field sequence measurement and pose graph SLAM for directional drilling," Measurement Science and Technology, vol.25, no.12, 125101 (12pp), [DOI], Oct. 2014. 
  • Magnetic sequence-based SLAM
    • Jongdae Jung, Taekjun Oh, and Hyun Myung, "Magnetic field constraints and sequence-based matching for indoor pose graph SLAM," Robotics and Autonomous Systemsvol.70, pp.92-105, [DOI], Aug. 2015.
    • Datasets (Download)
      • robotOdomPose: estimated robot pose by wheel odometry (created for every specific travelled distance. When rotates, it is created for regular angle interval.) 
      • robotSLAMPose: ground truth (GMapping result)
      • mag_log: Tri-axial magnetic sensor data for two different heights measured at the robot center)

MAV (quadrotor) navigation and control

  • Path planning, Path following, Obstacle avoidance
  • Marker(April Tag)-based landing on a moving vehicle
  • Finalist in DJI developer challenge 2016 [Link]

Seamless localization at Indoor/Outdoor for U-Eco City

  • Basic Concept

  • Localization for Users and Robot


    • Jongdae Jung and Hyun Myung, “Indoor Localization Using Particle Filter and Map-based NLOS Ranging Model,” in Proc. of ICRA (IEEE Int’l Conference on Robotics and Automation), pp.5185-5190, Shanghai, China, May 2011.

  • Seamless Localization for U-Eco City

Robotic Fish (Fibo) for Aquarium

  • Vision-based Localization

JEROS (Jellyfish Elimination RObotic Swarm)

  • System Concept
  • Experiment

  • JEROS prototype (version 2)

  • Formation control of JEROS

Formation Control for Swarm Robots

Bird-like Biped Robot for Rough Terrain

  • System Concept Design