Alumni (Post-doctorate)

Dr. Serin LEE

AI/DL-based Object Detection, JEROS

Email: serin.lee at gmail com

    Alumni (Ph.D.)

    Dr. Seungmok LEE

    SLAM, DV-SLAM, Formation Control

    Email: seungmok at sch ac kr

      Dr. Haemin JEON

      ViSP for Structural 6D Displacement Estimation

      Email: hjeon at hanbat ac kr

        Dr. Donghwa LEE

        Low-Dynamic SLAM

        Email: leedonghwa daegu ac kr

          Dr. Jongdae JUNG

          SLAM and Localization of AUVs

          Email: jdjung at kriso re kr

            Dr. Hanguen KIM

            Human Pose/Gesture Recognition, JEROS, USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

            Email: hank05 at seadronix com

              Dr. Byeolteo PARK

              Underground SLAM

              Email: starteo at seadronix com

                Dr. Dong-Hoon KIM

                JEROS, USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

                Email: at seadronix com

                  Dr. Jong-Heon KIM

                  Hybrid RSS, Mole-bot

                  Email: kim.j-h at naverlabs dot com

                    Dr. Hyongjin KIM

                    Self-driving Car, Localization, SLAM

                    Email: hjkim86 at kaist ac kr

                      Dr. Wanchoel MYEONG

                      Wall-climbing UAV (CAROS)

                      Email: wcmyeong at kaist ac kr

                        Dr. Yu-Cheol LEE

                        Hierarchical Global Localization with Radio Signals and Spatial Maps

                        Email: yclee at etri re kr

                          Dr. Wonkeun YOON

                          State Estimation of UAVs

                          Email: wkyoun at cnu ac kr

                            Dr. Sungwook JUNG

                            Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

                            Email: sungwook87 at keti re kr

                              Mr. Kyungbok SUNG

                              Self-driving Car

                              Email: kbsung at kaist ac kr

                                Alumni (M.Sc)

                                Mr. Yuseok BANG

                                Visual Servoing Robot System for Wireless Power Transmission to Wireless Sensor Nodes

                                Email: richard.bang83 at gmail com

                                  Mr. Iksu SHIN

                                  Autonomous Surface Vehicle using Visual Target Tracking

                                  Email: kaiksut at gmail com

                                    Dr. Gon-Yop KIM

                                    Vision-based Target Detection and Path Planning, Autonomous Navigation of Underwater Robots

                                    Email: at gmail com

                                      Mr. Tae-Hwan LEE

                                      Optimal Path Planning, ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle)

                                      Email: hyperet at gmail com

                                        Mr. Seong Han CHOI

                                        Seamless Localization in Indoor and Outdoor Areas of Urban Environments

                                        Email: arch81 at alumni kaist ac kr

                                          Ms. Joomi PARK

                                          Vision-based Object Recognition for Underwater Robots

                                          Email: joomipark at alumni kaist ac kr

                                            Ms. Jieun Park

                                            Hybrid RSS(Rotary Steerable System) for Directional Drilling

                                            Email: silent at alumni kaist ac kr

                                              Mr. Youngjae KIM

                                              6-DOF Displacement Measurement using Vision and Laser Sensors

                                              Email: david-kim at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                Mr. Sang Won LEE

                                                Human pose estimation and gesture recognition using ML

                                                Email: lsw618 at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                  Mr. Suyoung CHOI

                                                  MCL (Monte-Carlo Localization), Homography-based Localization

                                                  Email: suyoung.choi at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                    Mr. Pillip YOUN

                                                    SLAM, Magnetic sensor

                                                    Email: pillibi at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                      Mr. Jinki KIM

                                                      SNN (Spiking Neural Networks)

                                                      Email: rlawlsrl at kaist ac kr

                                                        Mr. Kyukwang KIM

                                                        DL-based Object Detection

                                                        Email: kkim0214 at kaist ac kr

                                                          Mr. Jinkwang KIM

                                                          Autonomous Exploration, Active SLAM

                                                          Email: jinkwang at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                            Mr. Changgyu PARK

                                                            DL-based Object Detection

                                                            Email: cpark at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                              Mr. Joohyun PARK

                                                              SLAM, Localization

                                                              Email: mcvjoohyun at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                                Mr. Hyungyu LEE

                                                                RL-based Control, CAROS

                                                                Email: lshoon93 at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                                  Ms. Seulgi JEON

                                                                  Self-driving Car, SLAM, Object Detection

                                                                  Email: jseulgi at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                                    Mr. Euigon JUNG

                                                                    SLAM, Autonomous Driving, Sensor Fusion

                                                                    Email: egjung94 at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                                      Mr. Sumin HU

                                                                      Visual SLAM, Event Camera

                                                                      Email: 2minus1 at kaist ac kr

                                                                        Mr. Sungwon HWANG

                                                                        3D Computer Vision, Graph Neural Networks, Invariant Object Detection

                                                                        Email: shwang.14 at kaist ac kr


                                                                        Mr. Yonghun JEONG

                                                                        Object Recognition, AI/ML

                                                                        Email: faceforce at alumni kaist ac kr

                                                                          Mr. Youngbo SHIM

                                                                          Self-driving Car

                                                                          Email: youngbo.shim at keti re kr