Magnetic field dataset:  Download

Jongdae Jung, Taekjun Oh, and Hyun Myung, “Magnetic field constraints and sequence-based matching for indoor pose graph SLAM," Robotics and Autonomous Systems, vol.70, pp.92-105, [DOI], Aug. 2015.

Datasets consist of :

  • robotOdomPose: estimated robot pose by wheel odometry (created for every specific travelled distance. When rotates, it is created for regular angle interval.) 
  • robotSLAMPose: ground truth (GMapping result)
  • mag_log: Tri-axial magnetic sensor data for two different heights measured at the robot center)

KAIST VIO dataset: Project page

Jinwoo Jeon, Sungwook Jung, Eungchang Lee, Duckyu Choi, Hyun Myung, “Run Your Visual-Inertial Odometry on NVIDIA Jetson: Benchmark Tests on a Micro Aerial Vehicle," IEEE RA-L (Robotics and Automation Letters), vol.6, no.3, pp.5332-5339, [DOI], July 2021.

ViVID++: Vision for Visibility Dataset: Project page


BigBen pointcloud dataset: Download

Sungwook Jung, Seungwon Song, Pillip Youn, and Hyun Myung, “Multi-layer Coverage Path Planner for Autonomous Structural Inspection of High-rise Structures," in Proc. of IEEE/RSJ Int’l Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Madrid, Spain, Oct 2018