[Guidelines on how to join our lab] (Notices below ⇓)

Our lab is seeking (1) interns, and (2) individual research students.

Recruitments for interns or individual research students are made every set period as shown in the information below.

Also, if you want to enter our lab for a master’s or a Ph.D. course, we recommend that you do an internship or an individual research student activity first.

Internship or individual research student activities are not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended.

Please refer to the details below for more information


  • Activity Term: 6 months (Winter vacation – Spring semester / Summer vacation – Fall semester)
  • Application Term:
    • Winter-Spring intern: November
    • Summer-Fall intern: May
    • Details of the application will be announced later.
  • Activity Progress
    • Lab project participation (1or2)
    • Salary payment
    • Highly engaged in the lab life.
  • Contact
    • Internship manager:
    • Group leader:
    • When you contact us, please attach your CV or grade transcript.

Individual research student (only for KAIST students)

  • Activity Term: Semester (Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter)
  • Application Term: Before every semester (Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter)
  • Activity Progress
    • Following the curriculum about the basic robotics in our lab.
  • Contact
    • Internship manager:
    • When you contact us, please attach your CV or grade transcript

If you have any further questions, contact us via the following emails:

[2023 Winter] Notice about Individual Research (expired)

Individual Research


2022-11-08 13:40


2023 겨울학기 개별연구 신청 안내 (~12/16)

안녕하세요. 명현 교수님 연구실 개별연구 신청에 관해 안내 공지 드립니다.

  • 일정: 겨울학기
  • 기한: 12월 16일 금요일
  • 모집 대상: KAIST 자대생
  • 기타 사항: 연구실 주제와 관련된 커리큘럼 (추후 공지 예정) 진행 / 자리제공 불가
  • 지원 방식: 아래 Q&A 메일을 통해 지원
  • 개별연구는 연구실과 관련된 커리큘럼을 수행하는 과정으로 진행되며,

    보다 적극적인 참여 및 연구실 진학을 고려하시는 분께서는 인턴으로 먼저 지원해주시기 바랍니다.

    12/16까지 지원해주신 명단을 교수님께 제출하여 개별연구가 진행될 예정입니다.

    개별연구 지원을 원하시는 분이나 궁금한 점이 있으신 분들께서는 아래 메일로 12/16까지 연락주시기 바랍니다.

  • Q&A:


2023 Winter Semester Individual Research (~12/16)

This post is about a notice for the individual research course on KAIST Urban Robotics Lab.

  • Activity Period: Winter semester
  • Qualification: Only for KAIST students
  • Deadline: 12/16, Fri.
  • Others: Fixed curriculum about projects in our lab (TBA) / Seats are not available
  • Apply: Contact us via Q&A e-maill
  • Individual research is about carrying out the curriculum related to the research in the lab.

    If you want to get more active participation or are interested in our lab, please consider the intern application first.
    The list of applications by 12/16 would be passed to the professor.
    If you want to apply, please contact us with what your interest is in our lab.

  • Q&A:

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[2023 Winter] Notice about Individual Research (expired)

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